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There are many ways that you can value your motorcycle. Should you use a Retail Value, Private Party Value, Trade Value, Current Market Value, Blue Book Value, Black Book, or?

Find out the valuation that's right for you while also learning what other buyers could be using. 

There are too many ways to value your motorcycle, but most people only know about a few of them. And often times
the trade-in value is the lowest.

• Retail value. Is what someone would expect to pay at a dealership. Dealers get a premium because
they typically recondition their used inventory, ensure they can help a buyer finance it, provide
warranties, take trade-ins, and offer many other options to pick from in one place.

• Private party value. Is what someone might get when they sell on their own. The private party
value is less than retail because a private seller, meeting buyers at his or her home, can’t help with
financing, offer guarantees, or take anything on trade.

• Trade-in value. Is what a dealer will likely give someone on trade. This is a lower value since the
dealer will have to spend their capital to “purchase” the powersport, recondition it with service and
repairs, along with taking the risk of it not selling as it depreciates. Trade-in values are below the
private party value.

• Market Value. Is a term for the current value of what something would sell for on the open market.
It’s often made up of various book values (none of them agree), dealer auction selling prices, and
what the locals are willing to pay. Although you’re unlikely to use it on an everyday basis, current
market value can have a major impact on the amount you’re getting when it comes time to close the
• Value. Is the fastest, easiest way to get a fair and free cash value. Determined
by many factors, which starts with our proprietary software that tracks real-time Powersports values
(Dealerships, KBB, NADA, NPA, etc...), our 300+ dealer partners will make a cash offer with no
obligation from you. Get Your Offer Right Now>>

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If you are a powersports dealer, check out our Dealer Center for more information.



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