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Great Motorcycle Classes for Every Level of Rider

Whether you’re brand spankin’ new to riding or have been at it for decades, there’s always room to improve your motorcycle skills in any discipline. 

They say practice makes perfect, but if you want the fast track to better skills, more confidence, and safer riding, there’s no better way to improve than taking motorcycle classes. 

Below we’ll dig into the different types of motorcycle classes out there for every kind of rider from the trails to the track. We’ve even got a few of our favorite schools thrown in the mix to steer you in the right direction. 

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Rider Safety Course is by far the most popular motorcycle class available. MSF’s instructor-led classes have seen thousands of people earn their motorcycle endorsement over the course of a weekend. 

If you’re not sure where to start on your two-wheeled journey, we recommend starting here.

Adventure Motorcycle Classes

Big fan of adventure bikes like the Honda Africa Twin or BMW GS1200 but can’t get comfortable taking them off-road? Adventure motorcycle classes are just what the doctor ordered.

These schools teach all the essential skills needed to ride a heavy bike on a variety of technical terrain. By the time you're finished you'll be ready to take on anything from forest service roads to deep desert sand. Traction, body position, braking, and throttle control are all important elements of these advanced skills classes.

Adventure riding classes can be a little tough to find in some areas. If you're having trouble finding one nearby, check out the map over at ADV Pulse.
There you'll find all the latest ADV courses in the USA and abroad. 

If you’re willing to travel (or happen to live in Nevada, check out Jimmy Lewis’ Off Road Training Center. Jimmy is a decorated off-road racer with podiums under his belt for the Dakar Rally, Baja 1000, and Dubai Rally. He’s even a gold medalist for the International Six Day enduro challenge!

ADV Adventure Motorcycle
2021 KTM 450

MotoCross (MX) Motorcycle Classes

Want to learn to whip it like the pros but don’t have any pros around to teach you? Lucky for you, there are tons of veteran motocross racers who spend the off-season teaching their craft.

Motocross classes range from single-day sessions to all-inclusive week-long master courses. You can even book MX vacations that include everything from accommodations and meals to motorcycles and gear.

Factory MX School in Southern California is probably the most popular in the country, and provides training, rentals, and transportation to famous tracks like Glen Helen Raceway and Lake Elsinore MX Park.

Superbike Racing Classes

Want to learn how to ride a 180mph, 200+ horsepower motorcycle the way the good Lord intended? We certainly don’t recommend trying to do it on public roads.

That’s where superbike racing classes come into play. Whether you’re interested in better lap times at your next track day or getting into competitive club racing, these motorcycle classes teach students the essentials of riding faster and safer on serious sporting machines.

Different schools have different approaches, but Keith Code’s California Superbike School is easily the most famous.

California Superbike School puts riders on top-of-the-line BMW S1000RR superbikes, and sends them out on the racetrack with professional level instructors. They’ve also got custom built machines built to teach you how to brake harder, learn further, and even drift around corners you’ll have to see to believe.

Aprilia Superbike Motorcycle
Darryl Atkins on Aprilia Supermoto

Supermoto Riding Classes

Widely acknowledged as the most fun you can have on two wheels, supermoto classes combine the disciplines of road racing and motocross to deliver a masterclass on all things traction.

These classes use modified dirt bikes fitted with street wheels and tires, and put them on tracks that are part asphalt, part dirt, and 100% fun. You’ll be sliding around corners, riding wheelies, and flying over jumps before the day is done.

The next time you’re in Southern California, check out SoCal Supermoto’s operation at Adam’s Motorsports Park. They keep a tuned-up fleet of sweet Suzuki DRZ400s fitted with quality Dunlop racing rubber, and include a bike, leathers, and lunch with the price of admission!

Dirt Track Riding Classes

There’s a reason pros like Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez spend more time training on dirt tracks than they do on pavement. Dirt teaches you traction and control. Everything you learn on a dirt track translates directly onto the racetrack, making you a better rider in every situation.

If you’re comfortable on a motorcycle, but want to take your skills to the next level, we recommend signing up for a dirt track riding class.

Of all the dirt classes out there, we don’t think there’s any school more infamous than road racing champion Colin Edwards’ “Texas Tornado Boot Camp.”

This 20 acre Texas ranch has been a training destination for racing legends like Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi, and Freddy Spencer for over a decade.

 Attendees spend time practicing drills, cutting laps, and participating in friendly competitions for four outrageously entertaining days.

When you’re not busy riding you’ll also have a saloon, shooting range, firepit, and pool table at your disposal. Other benefits include smoked brisket lunches, all the hot laps you can stand on a Yamaha TTR125, and putting a couple rounds through a 50 caliber sniper rifle with the Texas Tornado himself, Mr. Colin Edwards.

Steve Baker XR750

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